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It have been a long time sine last time I wrote something here. The Spring Festival was gone, and some other things. What have I been busy about ?

Just read an article about Chinglish. It says that Chinglish has "academic value". It is quite a brave saying. If a Chinese English learner, like me, said something like that, it would turned out to be an excuse for his/her poor English.

There are so many people learning English in China now. It might develop a kind of special atmosphere here.  To the native English speakers, it might be a good way to see the difference of Chinese and English. I myself couldn't see any fun in it, or special value. That might be caused by the angle thing. It is a interesting thing  for me. This might remove part of the burden of us English learners and add some homor into our life. It is quite awkward, actually, when the English learners/ users are critised of using Chinglish instead of pure English. But, it's really hard to avoid it! 

posted on Friday, April 17, 2009 2:38 AM #English


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