How-to : Deal with "failed to leave a comment"

If you cannot to leave a comment to a post, try this
1) close all running browsers, open browser and try again.
or 2) go to the cookie management of the browser, looking for blog.bchinese.net cookes, one is called BLOGBCCN-SL, remove it, refresh the post, and then post message again.
It usually caused by your network problems.For example, if your IP is changed during a http session.

posted on Friday, February 3, 2006 12:00 PM #Blog Help 博客帮助文档


# re: How-to : Deal with "failed to leave a comment" 7/18/2006 3:15 PM Yvonne

Question: how come comment already on the blog would somehow disappear?

# re: How-to : Deal with "failed to leave a comment" 7/18/2006 4:55 PM Yvonne

Thank you BC for the prompt reply. You has always been helpful.

# re: How-to : Deal with "failed to leave a comment" 5/8/2007 12:19 AM SAD

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