a chinese gift to americans

Posted on Thursday, September 1, 2005 7:52 AM #central kindom #pic & video

via: sina news coverage on katrina

when talking about the katrina hit the american south, one commenter asked:

Does anybody else think China would have a PR coup if they offered Bush a relief package when Hu comes to visit?

today's top pictorial news on sina news is about "hurricane robbery", with a photo as below titled:

"after hurricane, robbery spred over in american south"

while it's true that some people robbed stores after katrina raided southern parts of the states, i don't think the robbery represents the big picture of katrina raid and how americans reacted to the disaster. demonizing america doesn't make china look better or contribute to the multual understanding between the two nations.

perhaps we can't change the fact that commercial media will put more craps like this to attract eyeballs, but maybe president Hu could ask state media to have a more balanced reportings on america, and this will become a very good gift to americans, as well as to chinese.