Why FLG is evil and must be punished

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i received mails, comments and trackbacks from readers on the flg post and i feel the need to elaborate my points.

first of all, i want to make it clear that i don't like communism and don't read ccp propaganda sh*ts about flg, all my views on flg are based on my personal experiences and my personal thinking.

the government might have other reasons dislike flg, for me, flg is not evil because of its challenges to the government power, flg is evil because it shows that this campaign has all the dark sides that created tragedies like cultural revolution and numerous peasant movements in chinese history. to some extents, flg is the c*p of 1960s with an anti-ccp cover, a boxer movement with a pro-west face, a "spiritual movement" that put people into ignorance. it will be disaster for china and the rest of the world. some foreigners even discuss the possibility of replace ccp with flg to manage china? crazy idea! how can you expect people who believe there is a wheel in everybody's belly and that moon is built by EI to manage a country.

i saw my relatives totally ruined by flg and three old people i know were died of flg belief. almost everybody around me had the experiences of receiving junk mails from flg and for reasons i don't know, i even received letters from flg.

i am not sure how they were treated by the government. i hope they are punished by law and totally wiped out in china, i can tolerate alot of things i don't like, but in the flg case, i have zero tolerance.

i fully understand that the way a minority group is treated is important for our nation's future, but the first priority is wipe flg out, immediately and ruthlessly, only in this way china could enjoy an environment in which economy could develop, universal values of human rights, rule of law and democracy could spread over and dissent views are tolerated.

peking duck comments on my flg post:

I know the whole spiel about how they're an evil cult and about how ten thousand of them appeared out of no where to surround an official's house once. Very creepy. No question. But even cults have rights to exist as long as they don't break the laws.

sorry, flg does break the laws. to chinese people, they are more dangerous than 911 terrorists to americans. we won't allow the existence of such a group.

blood and treasure comments the flg:

there’s a bit more to the FG than a bunch of buddhists seeking immortality through breathing exercises. They’re a neo boxer movement, combining mysticism with a hardline nationalist programme seeking reclamation of lost lands from neighbouring countries. It's just that they don't feature this last bit in their English language propaganda.

This doesn’t in any way justify the treatment they’ve received at the hands of the Communist Party. The problem is that people in China who want more freedom and greater control over their own lives don’t like being represented in these matters by a batshit crazy apocalyptic cult. It’s as if Britain was a dictatorship and we were “represented” abroad by members of the Flat Earth Society

i have to say that those political powers that fund flg are very stupid.

FLG are weird, but evil??? Nah. Sorry Bingfeng, you've been watching too much CCTV. The strange thing about FLG is that they use exactly the same propaganda tactics as the CPC, probably not surprising since their activists are all born and raised in the PRC. They are very astute at character assasination and holding high profile "campaigns", only this time it is AGAINST the CPC leaders, not in support of CPC policies.
I don't think they are just an exercise and meditation group, as the Peking Duck asserts. I think they are a highly organised quasi-politcal group[, and pose a major threat to the CPC. But that doesn't make them evil, unless you believe everything the propaganda machine throws at you. Finally the CPC gets a dose of its own medicine.

read the cambridge china history and stuff about the cultural revolution, talk with some red guards and people who experienced boxer rebellion, think about the flg mentality and how they treat different views and people who refuse their propaganda feed, live with a flg memeber for one week, it's not that difficult to get the conclusion that they are evil and dangerous to china.

a reader summerized the flg case nicely at the peking duck:

If the FLG sticks to its own religious practicies without harming others, then the CCP would not have started a crackdown. In fact, that is what happened: the FLG crackdown started in 1999, while the group has been in existence since the early 90's or the late 80's. Their Master Li was even featured in some local TV shows and his group was encouraged as an exercise group. Then, Master Li decided that it's time to bring it up a notch, and started talking about levitation, spiritual healing of illnesses, stopping incoming cars with the mind, etc. As a result many practioners died because they refused to go to the doctors, others jumped from their 3-story apt buildings because they believed they could fly, a few more tried to stop incoming trains with their auras, etc. On a less serious level, FLG practioners were known to leave their families and just wander off, because they believed their achieved a higher state of being. Of course the FLG would deny all those, but FLG members dying due to those incidents were documented across many villages in China's hinterland, way before the crackdown started, and that's when the gov't was getting alarmed.

Today, the FLG is not a religious organization anymore, it is a political organization. Their newspapers and websites and TV stations very rarely talk about their religious practicies itself, but instead talk about the evils of CCP. Last year, an actress from the Mainland died of a heartache in her home, and in the wake of that, a FLG associated site called Renminbao ran a special, and claimed that she had connections to certain corrupt CCP members, and that she starred in a CCP propaganda film before, and therefore she deserved her death, and then the website showed a picture of her on the deathbed, and warned other CCP supporters that they may share a similar fate if they didn't denounce their support for the CCP soon.

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