via: wang jianshuo - fake (goods) market in shanghai

it's not a secret that many foreigners consumed a lot of fake goods in china, wang jianshuo proved it again:

On my way back from my friend's new apartment, I heard interesting conversation between a foreign women and her friends. They talked about the "fake market" in Shanghai. They were very excited, that obviously, they found the new fake market after Xiangyang market was closed. They happily bought some fake goods there.

while it's understandable that cheap fake goods with fair quality are welcomed by every one, it's a little more difficult for me to understand why many laowais who are disgusted by chinese propaganda machines still read a lot of them.

"politically correct" laowais will ridicule and curse chinese state media like china daily or Xinhua whenever they have a chance, then in the next minute they will give you a detailed description and analysis of a china daily or Xinhua report, and most surprisingly it seems that they almost read them everyday, very carefully.hopefully they are just trying to find some amusement from reading them.

somebody - ANYBODY - please explain this to me.