Security guards make a salute to my car

Posted on Wednesday, June 20, 2007 5:08 PM #personal #humor & fun #pic & video
i have heard funny stories about the security guards of the residential communities in shanghai. one of my former colleagues were detained a few times by teh security guards of his residential community, one happened when he was standing outside of his apartment and overlooking the windows, another happened when he "dressed like a migrant worker".

i don't know from when but last night the security guards made salutes to me when i drove my car through the gate. it makes me feel good because few make salutes like this to me (see below):

image from the web

then you guess what, as soon as i leave the car and walk through the entrance, the security guards don't make a salute any more and don't even say hello to me.

hey, i am hte same guy who just drive the car in front of you! they replied, "sorry, the new policy only asks us to make a salute to a car".

this new "policy" is a shit

image from the web