Is Jack Bauer a Chinese?

Posted on Monday, June 25, 2007 11:09 PM #central kindom #talk talk laowai
although jack bauer was kidnappped and tortured by chinese secret agents, i sometimes can't help asking this question: IS JACK BAUER A CHINESE?

look, no matter in what criteria, bauer is an evil man, he murdered his superior, tortured numerous suspects, help to pardon a lot of terrorists, lied to his daughter and girl friend, broke his promise many times, etc etc

he is evil, isn't it?

most people won't agree. he sacrifices partial interests of a small number of people for the benefits of the whole. this is a typical chinese (or east asian perhaps?) mode of thinking, for example, birth control.

i believe many western laolaowais will feel very uncomfortable with the way jack bauer handle many things, but eventually they will agree that he is right. then why in reality, they can't tolerate another "jack bauer"?

Jack and a Chinese fan, image from the web (source)