After Yahoo, what if Google is blocked?

Posted on Thursday, June 28, 2007 4:24 PM #central kindom
list of sites blocked in china expanded to include yahoo, somebody is really pissed, and somebody is praying that google remains intact in the future.

if google and the likes remain intact, people will never cross the threshold level to take some actions and, even it does happen, i guess most people will be just clueless as how to react and what to do (certainly except petition or online protest).

BTW, a PR blog i read - micro persuasion - is inaccessible here in shanghai. is it blocked?

update: a lot of people shout for joy tath "yahoo and flickr are now working again". what a pity that they are now satisfied with the fact flickr is actually only accessible with a proxy.

update: fons from china herald blog believes that the increasing censorships was caused by the imperfection of automated filtering machines. if that's true, then it could become a perfect subject for a disaster movie - the GFW becomes increasing in*de*pendent and insane, someday in 2019, it takes control of the internet and filters anything that doesn't tally with its taste. since everything online containing the words "taiwan inde*pe*ndence" is blocked and, TV and radio become extinct at that time, china government doesn't know taiwan declares independence until 17 days later a PLA horse soldier send the news from Fujian to Beijing ....