Sunday, July 1, 2007

Time magazine suggested a list of web sites that most people can't live without
The Internet Movie Database

there must be an equivalent list here which i can't find immediately (anybody can help?). my personal favorites overlap some of the sites above, such as flickr, delicious and digg, but also include a few chinese sites i consider "indispensable" in my daily life.

Ctrip used to be my most favorite one. the site provides information of travel destinations, hotels and airline tickets. i often use it to collect information and find pals to travel together, sometimes a team would attract as many as hundreds of people. here are two photos taken by a group of backpackers who assembled themselves in Ctrip (source post, in chinese):

Douban is a very popular web 2.0 application among young people, it focuses on reviews of books, music and movies and, recently it launches a blog aggregator service called "9 oclock" which i immediately get hooked. i use the site mainly to update my list of  books and movies i want to buy, when the books in the list adds up to about 15, i will use Joyo-amazon (now a subsidiary of amazon) or Dangdang to purchase them online.

Dianping is a restaurant review sites that offers local versions in over 30 chinese cities. it is most successful in shanghai and as i know, very popular among all age groups. i use the site quite often, mainly to find restaurants to socialize business contacts or dine out with families.

there are a number of other sites i can't live without. a yahoo group that helps me keep contact with my schoolmates, news and weather forecast sites, and certainly, google.

i try to keep the list as short as possible, so if you have something to add, pls leave a comment here.

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