Fons from China Herald blogspeculates that internet censors in china introduced an automatic system to filter the "sensitive words" in order to reduce their workloads. but, unfortunately due to the imperfection of the system, the "robot" caused the shut down of innocent sites like yahoo.

tonight i find two posts about HK july 1 march pop up in the front page of Douban's blog aggregator, one of the blogs, hosted by Zola, was blocked here in china.

Zola reports the HK july 1 march

so, what happens here? how could "politically inharmonious" photos appear on the front page of the most popular web 2.0 site in china?

well, douban uses a technology to fetch the blog posts even the host is blocked, adn the popularity of the post is determined by the reviews and recommendations it receives. all done by a software "robot", so to speak. therefore, you see a lot of "inharmonious" posts pop up on the site. in surface, there is a war between "robots".

robot tai-chi war